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"Putin film distribution corporation" is a dedicated company involved in the worldwide redistribution of the feature film "Putin" across all areas of exploitation within the realms of our world and the universe.




When is the premiere of the film "Putin" scheduled for?

The premiere of the “Putin” movie will take place between 2023 and 2024, which makes it a relatively short-term investment.

Where is the feature film "Putin" expected to be distributed?

The film “Putin” is an English-language superproduction dedicated to global distribution in cinemas and on various streaming platforms, including SVOD, VOD, TVOD, as well as pay-TV and free-TV.

Is the feature film "Putin" a criticism of Russia's dictator?

This blockbuster film based on the biography of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, is a form of protest against him. As a result of Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine, it is currently one of the most emotionally stirring topics for people around the world.

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